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the real cost of wedding photography in CT

the-real-cost-of-wedding-photographyThe real cost of wedding photography in CT 

This recent article in the  NY Post  suggested the average cost of a wedding in NYC is 16,000.This figure seems way off to me. So I thought I’d share some realistic expectations for wedding photography based on my own personal experience. Though most of the information from the articles published on wedding blogs and websites are helpful for planing, I found that many brides recently inquiring about wedding photography in Connecticut suffer from sticker shock. Connecticut and New York are the two most expensive states to get married in. A couple should plan on spending at least 10-15% of their wedding budget on photography (and that doesn’t include video).  I know that experienced and sought after wedding photographers in CT and NYC  charge an average of 3300-5000. Yes, that is more than the rest of the country. But this is what it costs realistically to book a wedding photographer in 2016. I find  this website statistic is much more realistic. Check it out for more budget planning tips.

the real cost of a wedding photographer| Kate Uhry photo

Are the expectations set too high for brides, who surf through Pinterest? Are they unrealistic? Yes and no. These weddings were either featured in wedding magazines, or are Styled shoots. So yes, it is unrealistic for a bride, who has a budget of 20,000 to be looking at weddings that realistically cost 100,000 or more.

With that in mind, I say that brides shouldn’t be shocked to be spending anywhere from 3-6 thousand dollars for a professional wedding photographer if getting married in New York or Connecticut. My best advice is always to stay in a place where you are comfortable. A wedding planner can help you from the beginning to set realistic goals based on your budget and what your vision is. I highly suggest using a planner, it is well worth your money.

If wedding photography is important to you, plan on setting your budget around the three main components: wedding site & ceremony, catering, and wedding photography. And allow for your budget to have wiggle room with the other stuff.

I’m curious, if you are a bride to be or have gotten married recently in Connecticut or New York, were you shocked by the cost of wedding photography? Or are you a wedding photographer who has the same reaction from newly engaged couples? I’d love to hear your comments!


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