the bear and the fox

This  sweet face got us all in a whole lot of trouble about ten days ago.

I have a large (three acres) fenced in yard and let the dogs in and out throughout the day. It’s a good life for my dogs.  Bode (aka Bode bear, or little bear) decided to chase after a rabid, mangy fox and, caught it! He brought it up to the terrace, and then corned it under the table. Lucky me. In my panic I screamed bloody murder, but to no avail the fox would not run and I couldn’t get Bode’s attention. I also called 911 (city girl in the country move). We have one state trooper in my town and he was busy. I finally coaxed Bode in with food, and watched for an hour, until the fox slinked away slowly. Little did I know when I was checking Bode for wounds, that rabies is transmitted through saliva and can get into even the tiniest hangnail. Sigh.Long story short, we all  are being treated for rabies. The dogs have it easy, one little booster.  I, on the other hand have to endure 8 shots all together. No fun at all.  Thus this week was spent in bed for two days with a high fever. Keep your fingers crossed the last vaccine next week is not as rough on me as this weeks.

How could such a sweet face cause so much drama? The glass half full part is that, he has become more of a mama’s boy, and is listening a little bit better.
Have a lovely weekend, we are going to take it easy and rest up!