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Dried Flowers | Kate Uhry Photography

I hope you have a sweet weekend. What are you up to? I have a photo shoot, & I hope to get back into the garden and do some clean up. The grass is finally getting green! Sunday I am spending Easter with my family. Here are some fun links to kick off your weekend.

How to dye ombre easter eggs.

A song to kick of your weekend. The video has gone viral.

How to cook chicken properly (all the nitty gritty). I never thought to wash the sponge. Yikes.

If I had a daughter I would totally send her to smart girl camp . Who doesn’t have a huge girl crush on Amy Polar?

A gorgeous tablecloth.

I could lay in this hammock all afternoon in the summer.

These striped espadrilles are adorable (I would wear them all summer along with my flip flops).

Now that Madmen is back, I am totally savoring every moment. I found this article fascinating.

Also on TV….the new trailer for Orange is the New Black.  So excited.


Happy Easter!

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