Spring Updates

spring update

Spring arrived in a blur of worry and anxiety. I know you are all feeling it too. So I wanted to jump online and announce a few changes and keep in mind this is all up in the air. But I thought I’d let you know what I was thinking. Last week, I had the tough job of reaching out to the individual couples who decided they had to postpone their weddings. It was heart-crushing. But it was necessary. We are all doing the best we can right now and helping one another out when possible during the pandemic. Even writing this word now, I am struggling. It’s very real. For my July brides, we have decided to go ahead and plan for the best, invites are going out, same goes for August-October. But the truth is we really don’t know.

With that in mind, I am making some much-needed changes to my own business, and trying to keep afloat. How can I do this? I can with your help, love support, and simply sharing kind words on Instagram and Facebook. Leave a comment, share a post, recommend me to your friends, and do the same for all the small businesses that are suffering. Especially those in the food and entertainment, and arts. We have no backup, no help from the Government, no unemployment. At least not yet (keeping fingers crossed though). By simply supporting us, both by giving us a like on Instagram or buying a gift certificate for your best friend, wife, mom, etc… you are keeping us going! And I am so thankful for all the love I have received from my current clients. It’s really been amazing how those in the industry are holding each other up!

As of now, I am booking family sessions starting on May 31 (maybe earlier, so hang in there). Time will tell. What I am asking you to do, if you know you want to book a session in 2020, is to BOOK NOW, that’s right, book now and I’ll save the date. By doing this, I can sustain my business until the crisis is over. And also get you in the books for this summer and fall. By doing this, you will also receive 10% off any package, including weddings!

In the meantime. Be safe, be kind, and don’t be a stranger! I love seeing all your Insta pics from home!

with lots of virtual hugs,