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spring hairstyles

spring hairstyles

I have a completely frivolous and girly post for you today. Frankly I am needing a little pick-me up.

Spring hairstyles

While spring officially began last week, it’s now mud season here in New England, and I am still wearing my winter coat. So I am thinking about starting fresh and have been eying all these hair styles on Pinterest. Shedding the old and starting fresh if you will.  I haven’t had my hair cut since maybe November (unless you count my own little job I did about a month ago). So I end up wearing it in a ponytail or twist of some sort EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have gotten too lazy to style it and I need some fresh ideas. I always want bangs, but it is a major commitment (my hair takes forever to grow out).  But Oh, I just love them. My favorite style has always been the shoulder length wavy bob (why I think the second one at top is lovely it may be too short for me).  Since my hair has never grown past my shoulders with out looking stringy, I  pretty much wear it the same way. I am hoping to make some changes. Any suggestions? Do you always look at pictures of other’s hair, and bring it in to show your stylist? Then the day your hair cut happens you love it, but the moment you try and wash & style it yourself it looks totally different? Yeah, me too. Which is why it ends up, well, up.  On a good day with a good haircut I like this one on my about page. It’s a pretty, simple bob and typically what I go with. My only caveat is that I have to always have the safety of being able to pull it back in a pony (old habits die hard). I’d love to hear your haircut failures and success or your favorite products!

PS-I’ve always had a crush on Kerri Russell’s hair, how she manages that perfect curl with no frizz. Sigh.

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