Ring in the new year

ring in the new year | Kate UhryRinging  in the new year.

“We need to go into the quiet — once and a while. The answers are in the silence.
We are surrounded by noise, everywhere we go. Discordant or ersatz music in elevators, even on hold on the phone. Street noise that follows us inside… Echoes of horns, sirens, trucks… We raise our voices in restaurants to be heard – we must compete with the sometimes overwhelming cacophony from all sides. We are unconsciously assaulted visually by videos, even in taxis, and LED billboards. TV and music in every corner of the gym, the sounds drifting into the sanctuary of the sauna. Even when pumping gas we are forced to listen to music that is not our choice. Our phones are always with us. There seems to be no escape from the constant noise and stimulus.
Beyond the positive side of Facebook and social media, finding community and connection — anything that absorbs our attention drains us of vital energy without our realizing it.
The answers are in the silence. But we forget to embrace the quiet, or to allow the quiet to embrace us. Perhaps we have become scared of it because it is unfamiliar.”

My good friend, Abigail Rockwell shared this on Facebook recently and I wanted to share it with all of you. I thought it was a beautiful way to start off the new year.

sending love, peace and happiness in the new year- Kate.