changes in 2020

Happy New Year! Another decade has passed, and countless weddings, children, and families have been captured. Every year I like to reassess what I am doing, and for whom. I consider everything, from price changes, to what I offer in all my packages, I want to make sure that I am pricing myself on market. After twenty years in the business, I have seen how much the industry has changed. Change, I know is inevitable, and sometimes comes with growing pains, but without them, how do we grow?

Moving Forward

Since at least 2010 I’ve included all digital images on a gallery site of your own, A USB drive of all the images, as well as prints, for every single package. I’ve thought deeply and arduously about what I want to offer my clients, and what they want. Everyone loves having easy access to their images, and their own gallery, but most of all, they love the ease of being able to do everything online. No more paperwork, snail-mail, and sending checks and contracts back and forth. With Honeybook, I am able to do everything I need all digitally. I absolutely love it, and so do my clients. While all this technology is wonderful, I do have to pay for it all, The website that holds all those images for you to view and download, the service that allows me to take credit cards…all these things add up. Don’t fear, if you have already booked your wedding, the price will not change. It is always with some trepidation that I have to raise my costs. However, as a veteran of the business, I see how it is constantly changing, and I have to adapt to those changes, while still offering you exceptional services and award-winning wedding photography!

Thank You!

2020 is going to a great year, I am looking forward to meeting more amazing clients, and friends. and capturing these precious moments.

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