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julie + jordan


Julie + Jordan
Morris, Connecticut
July, 28, 2012

Every wedding I shoot, instantly becomes my favorite, but this one was really special. There was a sense of calm when I arrived at the farm despite the pouring rain. Plan “B” went into effect immediately, which meant instead of an outdoor ceremony, the ceremony would take place in Rich’s barn (Julie’s dad). Tractors were moved, and friends and family flew into action–hanging lanterns and preparing for the barn ceremony.

Julie grew up on this farm, the first time she contacted me via email she said; “Our wedding and reception will be outside at my parents’ farm in Morris, CT.  My mom and dad have worked the land there (about 16 acres) for almost 30 years, and I grew up running around the farm like a wild monkey.  Jordan and I are both self-professed nature nerds and hope that the natural setting will play a big part in our ceremony and the photography of the day.  ” I knew at that moment this would be a really special occasion. Julie and Jordan’s dog, filled in as best man and Jordan’s sister, was a great maid of honor…not only did she greet me at the bottom of the hill in the pouring rain, she brought me garbage bags to cover my camera equipment, and read a beautiful poem (which you can read here) for her toast, which Jordan’s mom picked out.

All the vegetables were  from the family farm, or nearby organic growers. The theme of the wedding was local, organic, and intimate. The menu was prepared artfully by Beth (a friend and chef). Guests sipped organic herb infused cocktails out of mason jars. The flowers were picked from a friends garden, and supplemented by the wildflowers. Dessert was made by Julie and her friends: home-baked wedding pie, served with Arthesua ice cream. Julie made her own dress, she started it all the way back in December!  The gifts for the guests were jars of jam that Julie and Jordan made throughout the last several months in California where they live. The two met while working as outdoor educators in California.

*Also, little notes like this  are so special to me. Thank you! The feeling is mutual!

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