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life well-lived


it was a hot, hot, day in July

What is it about the American flag that screams summer in New England? I had these little flags in all the outdoor geranium pots set up for the fourth, and as I went to water them today, decided it was time to put them away, set them in my tag watering can, and boom, I had to get my camera. And it doesn’t hurt that the lobelia in the back ground screams summer as well. I love these summer days, the kind where you wake up, put on your bathing suit, and don’t take it off till sunset. When its acceptable to show up at the grocery store to pick up some odds and ends in a wet bathing suit, and no one thinks anything of it. I love that the neighbors linger longer at the mailbox to chat, I love that I can devour a book in a day (for some reason I read more and faster in the summer). I anticipate the latest version of Martha’s LivingReal Simple, and Cooking Light, just so I can drink up all the photographs. We are not half way through summer, but I want to remember every little nuance. I want to cling to the feeling of eating a pint of chocolate ice cream for dinner (and not even feel guilty). Hello summer. I love you.

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