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family pictures

family picturesFamily pictures are  my favorite. Not your typical or standard pictures. But family pictures that tell a story.  This Family get together in New Milford was fabulous! I love a good family lifestyle session. Coming from a large family myself, it is always a pleasure catching other families at home, celebrating and chatting and enjoying each other’s company. One of the first things I usually ask a client when they ask me to document a huge family, is how casual or how candid are you? When they answer “very” I am all in. Here is a bit of the time at spent with this amazing, gracious family, who opened up their home to me, and their stories.family picturesfamily picturesfamily pictures
family picturesHow about this swing in the barn house!? An indoor swing-love it. There is a long story behind the family house, and it goes back to the 1940’s, when an artist, bought the farm, and raised his children. The family home has remained with the family, and everyone (grandchildren included here) enjoy visits to the farm, the barn house, and the main farm house throughout the summer. family picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesThe original farm house has been restored beautifully after a flood last winter. I loved this airy guest room in the main house. The pool was built around an old barn foundation. The old silo serves as a changing room, with twenty foot high stone walls, and wisteria growing around the silo. It looks a like a fairy tale castle.

family picturesfamily pictures

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