I want to learn whatever I can about the two of you before we meet. If you care to share your "meet cute" I'd love to hear it. From our first conversation I'll ask a few questions to get to know what your wishes are, and how you see the day going. What images are most important to you, and what images are not. When we speak or meet in person we will go over a timeline, which I will coordinate with your wedding planner. I work closely with your other vendors to make sure that everything goes seamlessly.



My clients have described me as laid back and ninja like! Meaning, I get the shots I need, without being front and center. This is your day, not mine, I am going to capture all the moments, discreetly and I will never force you into poses you are not comfortable with. I show up early, and stay late if I need to. Some clients say;

'it was like a friend showed up on my wedding day'. That's my goal. For you to feel relaxed and comfortable so I can take beautiful pictures of you.


The Day Of

I show up early and love to take lots of landscape and detail shots. I'll take some pictures of you getting ready, mom helping you into the dress, the dog running underfoot, the carefully picked out bridesmaids bouquets. I'll capture all the nuances of pre-wedding excitement.

I am able to get most of my group shots before the ceremony, and work on timeline that is pretty straightforward. I want to get most of the group shots first, so that you can enjoy the reception afterwards, and I don't have to pull you away for too long. I always do some first look pictures should you decide to go that route. I also like to spend 20-30 minutes after the ceremony for some bride and groom portraits in a special outdoor setting. Away from the guests, and give you a chance to enjoy your first moments of a married couple. From there its party pictures, candids, guests, dancing, cake!



I consider myself pretty lucky to live full time in a place most people consider a vacation destination.

Some of my favorite local venues in Litchfield County


Lion Rock Farm

The Winvian

The Bellamy House & Garden

The Mayflower

Candlelight Farms Inn





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