Dani Shapiro for the Select 7

I was honored to be asked to photograph Dani Shaprio, for the Select 7. Her book, Inheritance, has been on the best seller list in the New York Times, and she has been an acquaintance of mine since we first met 17 years ago at a mutual friends house for a book party.

Dani Shaprio for the Select 7
Dani Shapiro-photo by Kate Uhry

I am thrilled to share some images from out photo session! Her kindness, and calm were apparent throughout the day, and you could tell that she is very comfortable in her own skin. While juggling her current book tour for Inheritance, she spent time with me on a early spring day, at her home in Litchfield County.

Dani Shapiro For the Select 7

Dani Shaprio -photo. by Kate Uhry

“My favorite room in my home is my library. I’ll never Marie Kondo my library”.

Dani Shapiro

Thanks to The Select 7, and Dani Shapiro. To read her latest book, you can pick it up at any place books or sold, or on Amazon.