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I’m so glad you landed here. Photographs are bits of life that live on way after we do. I relive the stories of my own past through these grainy color pictures, especially as I get older. I cherish the ability to be able to provide you and generations after you to see and feel who and where we came from. We are remembered by the stories we lived, the time we shared together, and the love. I am committed to creating images with the same sentiments for my clients - images that are pure, enduring, and unwavering, with all the unspoken and imagined subtleties that embody the human condition.

Born & raised in NYC on the Upper West Side, I have a big, loud family. I’m super comfortable around big families, which makes it easy for me to adapt to all kinds of situations during a wedding. I kinda thrive in chaos and excitement and the hustle and bustle of weddings.

My dogs are the loves of my life. That & chocolate peanut butter-cup Gelato. scroll down to read my list of favorite things...

xx, Kate

My dogs, Bode & Clementine, Cape Cod, 2017.



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